Anti-Disciplinary Future of Education 4.0 ?

Information technology has changed everything from the way we love to the manner we work. And Higher Education should reinvent itself. University 4.0 is the name was considered for the next generation of education.
Prof. John Dewar stated that ”
University 4.0 is an era in which the traditional status hierarchies of universities will be challenged. The universities that are best able to adjust to change will be able to transform perceptions of their prestige and desirability, perhaps very quickly, and we may see the emergence of new models for what it means to be a great university in the modern era”
Also, He noted that “universities will provide on-demand learning in multiple modes, with a seamless handoff between those modes. Second, there will be a move away from degrees as the only form of credential offered, towards a more mixed offering of degrees plus shorter cycle qualifications and credentials. “
The borders between disciplines are vanishing more and more. A small startup rises in another part of the world, and it grows fast. This startup provides services which shape the way people work. So they should study again. And they may need to become familiar with other disciplines to finish their tasks.

Here’s a quick snapshot of current stats:

  • 65% of children entering grade school this year will work in a job that hasn’t been invented yet
  • 49% of current jobs have the potential for machine replacement, with 60% having at least 1/3 of their activities automated
  • 80% of the skills trained for in the last 50 years can now be outperformed by machines
  • At a global level, technically automatable activities touch the equivalent of 1.1 billion employees and $15.8 trillion in wages[2]
    What do you think about the future of education?


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